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DCRA Releases a Suite of Web Service Based Supply Chain Solutions for the Outsourced Supply Chain

Dallas, Texas - September 23rd, 2003 – Dynamic Cycle-time Reduction Associates™ (DCRA Inc.), a solutions provider for the outsourced supply chain, announces the general availability of its DLSV web service supply chain solutions.  These solutions are provided to DCRA’s consulting clients and are now available directly from DCRA or through DCRA’s solution partners.

The DCRA Dynamic Logistics Synchronization & Visibility (DLSV) suite is composed of six major “on demand” web service solution offerings. Additionally, the DCRA SC Console™ manages coordination and synchronization of legacy systems and web service systems such as Freightgate’s I-Trek!® shipment tracking solution and Tariff-Trek!™, their contract management product.

The core DCRA DLSV solutions include:

  • An XML Real-time Order Commitment Solution

  • Supply Chain Execution Repository

  • Sales and Operations Planning Repository

  • Distributed Master Planning, Distribution Planning, and Inventory Planning Templates

  • SC Console – a web service management tool for supply chain solutions

  • DLSV Platform – provides a collaborative development environment to extend the solutions into specific client needs.

“DCRA is committed to providing its clients with truly sustainable, competitive advantage through excellence in outsourced supply chain operations. A key part of DCRA’s unique ability is driven from these web service based supply chain solutionsDCRA’s solutions focus on building high velocity bridges of data flows between companies and their order fulfillment processes, outsourcing relationships, and their ERP, legacy transactional and decision support systems,” says Jon Kirkegaard, president and founder of DCRA Inc.

DCRA has had the privilege of assisting Efficient Networks, a Siemen’s Company, through the DCRA Total Order Fulfillment™ process including deployment of the DCRA web service based software solution suite.

DCRA has assembled a world-class team of DLSV SC Console™ partners and partner solutions that share the vision of competitive advantage through leverage of the outsourced supply chain.

”Freightgate® has had a continuous commitment to innovation and has been an early adopter of the Service Oriented Architecture paradigm. As such, we found that our partnership with DCRA a strategic asset in leveraging the Freightgate solutions into the broader Order and Inventory Commitment solution space - creating an extremely compelling joint value proposition with a solid web services architecture at its foundation,” says Martin Hubert, CEO of Freightgate.

Overview of DCRA’s Solutions and Success Stories:

For a detailed review of DCRA’s consulting process and web service based solutions for the outsourced supply chain, please visit www.DCRASolutions.com

For a detailed review of a recent DCRA and Siemens case study, please visit Supply Chain Brain at: www.supplychainbrain.com/archives/09.03.casestudy.htm?adcode=5

About DCRA:

Dynamic Cycle-time Reduction Associates (DCRA) was founded to assist clients in achieving competitive advantage through supply chain excellence.  DCRA achieves rapid results through dramatically reducing wasted buffers of inventory and unused capacity between manufacturers and their suppliers, distributors, customers,outsourcing logistics and manufacturing partners.  DCRA also believes that most supply chain technologies are best used as enabling tools in a larger value based supply chain program - not as “black box” answers. Derived from this experience, DCRA has developed proprietary supply chain / order fulfillment collaboration methodologies and supporting solutions that focus on reducing execution and planning cycle times.