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Below is a continuously updated links to DCRA reviewed articles and whitepapers on significant needs, trends, technologies and approaches in supply chain solution:

Fakes! The global counterfeit business is out of control
Business Week Online, February 7, 2005

Trash-Talking on Grid and SOA
Erin Joyce, Internet News, February 7, 2005

Why are Enterprise Engines Running in Reverse?
Eric Keller, Manufacturing Business Technology, January 2005 p16

The Digital Transformation: Technology and Beyond
Supply Chain Management Review, January 1, 2005

Supply Chain Management: The Science of Better, Faster, Cheaper
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, January 2005

Simple Theories for Complex Logistics
Hau Lee, Optimize, July 2004 Issue 33

A Machine-to-Machine 'Internet of Things'
Andy Reinhardt, Business Week, April 26, 2004 Issue 3880, p102, 3/4p, 1c

Capturing the Value of Supply Chain Management
Peter Heckmann, Dermot Shorten, and Harriet Engel, June 26th, 2003

Beyond Utopia: The Realist’s Guide to Internet-Enabled Supply Chain Management
Keith Oliver, Anne Chung, and Nick Samanich

Chain Reactions
Dave Blanchard, LogisticsToday, March 2004

Sales and Operations Planning: Bringing Order Out of Chaos
Vinay Asgekar, AMR Research, February 27, 2004

Business Technology: Customers Long For What Matters Most
Bob Evans, InformationWeek, January 19, 2004

Following the Money ... to China
Dave Blanchard, LogisticsToday, January 2004

Demand-Driven Supply Networks Require a New S&OP Process
Larry Lapide, AMR Research, October 16, 2003

Where to House Data
Rick Whiting, Information Week, August 25, 2003

Intelligent Supply Networks
Divakar Rajamani, Ph.D., Professor & Managing Director UTD

ATP, AATP, CTP, and PTP: Order Commitment Alphabet Soup
Donald Shobrys, Supply Chain Consultants

Pursuing ‘On Demand,’ IBM Shakes Up Its Supply Chain
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies - April 2003
Robert J. Bowman

Step Back, IT Execs, The Business Side Takes Charge of Buying Technology
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Strategies - February 2003
Thomas A. Foster

EAI: A Business Perspective
Ravi Acharya, Encore Consulting

Drowning in Data
CFO Magazine - November 2003
John Goff

Extreme ERP Makeover
CIO Magazine - November 15th, 2003
Ben Worthen