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Freightgate Goes Web-Services
Feb 04 2003

Huntington Beach, California - February 3, 2002 - Freightgate Inc., a leading provider of Internet applications for the freight and logistics industry, today announced that it has added new web-services and XML capabilities to it's PLTX Suite of Solutions for the shipping community. Freightgate's introduction of XML and web-services furthers their commitment to leveraging the value of cross-platform, open standards. 

"By enabling all of our products to support web-services and answer queries with XML results," says Martin Hubert, President of Freightgate, "backend integration becomes simpler than ever. We foresee a component-based service offering as the integration paradigm of the future, with loosely coupled 'best of breed' applications sharing the information across secure channels." 

"Opening our powerful backend engines to be tapped via XML is magnifying the utility and opening a whole new set of opportunities. Tapping into data on-demand vs. data replication will prove invaluable as a web of information services continues to integrate further into the supply-chains of the future." 

This innovation is the latest example of Freightgate collaborating with its customers and partners to introduce them to leading-edge efficiencies as well as help them achieve their company-specific vision of the future. 

"Having become quite familiar with Freightgate's solution suite, I am very excited about the possibilities of integrating in-transit inventory visibility into order-commitment and promising processes using web-services," said Jon Kirkegaard, President of DCRA, a supply chain consultancy working with clients such as Efficient Networks / Siemens on order fulfillment and outsourcing matters. 

"We expect such a move to lead to significant reduction in cycle times and working capital (inventory) as well as improvements to customer service since companies such as ENI will be able to make better order fulfillment decisions," continued Kirkegaard. 

About Freightgate 

Based in Huntington Beach, California, the Freightgate® team has developed Internet solutions for the freight industry since 1994, such as its industry-leading PLTX Suite, which includes I-Trek!® Internet Supply Chain Collaboration & Visibility; GTM-Trek!™ for RFQ and tender management; Tariff-Trek!™ for service contract and quote management and I-Sail™, the interactive online sailing schedule. Other Freightgate suites include I-Train™ for your training and educational requirements, FMC-Trek!™, for adherence to FMC publishing requirements, and eLogistic, the perfect extension for online exchanges to provide interactive shipping services to users. Freightgate's customer portfolio contains company such as Bax Global, GeoLogistics, and Schenker. Freightgate is ISO 9001: 2000 certified. For additional information on Freightgate visit them on the web at www.freightgate.com or call (714) 799-2833.